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First, we have a long conversation with our buyer to determine EXACTLY what type of property is desired. Then, we patiently work with our buyer to find this exact type of property and at a good value. We NEVER rush our buyers or try to talk our buyers into a property that is substandard. We get actively involved in property investigation and disclosures so that our buyer is FULLY informed of the property's characterisitics. We use contract excellence to protect our buyers.

1. Understanding     our Buyers

Each Buyer is different. We meet with our buyers and discuss EXACT requirements for a property. We separate desired characteristics into must-haves and preferred characteristics. We also bring up characteristics that our buyers may not have considered. For example, we recently worked with a buyer in their early thirties who were scheduled to soon get married. We brought the subject up of potentially having children. The answer was affirmative. So suddenly the buyer was tuned into searching for a property with three or four bedrooms instead of just two. The bottom line here is that we extensively analyze EXACT current and future needs, wants, and desires of our buyers.

4. Expert Negotiation

Negotiation skills: We are highly trained professional negotiators and we use our skills to best negotiate on behalf of our buyers. Sometimes a property is somewhat overpriced and we are able to convince a seller of that fact, and negotiate down the price. Other times a property is underpriced and we speak with our buyer at coming in over listing price, especially when multiple offers are expected. Expect a higher level of negotiation from Muirlands Realty.

2. Reviewing       Properties

We then work closely with our buyers to sort through existing for-sale properties and new properties coming on the market. Please be advised that some agents may rush their buyers to buy a property quickly even though the property is not ideal. At Muirlands Realty, we are patient with our buyers and are happy to wait until we find the ideal property. From time to time, we have to talk our buyers out of a property because of negative characteristics that the buyer may not be seeing. Our ultimate goal when working with buyers is to assist in finding the perfect or near perfect home. Also, we are well trained in potential improvements that could be made to a property and we have a stable of excellent local contractors who can give opinions as well.

5. Loan Organization

Loan Organization: We have several local loan people that we highly trust and use regularly. Together, if desired,  we can meet with these loan people to help get a FULL approval on any loan that may be needed prior to submitting offers. That way when we put in an offer, our offer will be stronger. Whether using our preferred loan people or your preferred loan people, its important to get fully approved prior to submitting offers. 

"Muirlands Realty helped my wife Donna and I find our dream home. Our goal was to purchase a large view property at a great price and after several months we achieved our goal! Thank you Muirlands Realty." Russ B.

3. Phone           Alerts

Alerts sent to phones: as well trained members of the official San Diego MLS system, we program the software to send our buyers brand new listings instantly that meet our buyer's exact criteria. We also receive the alerts and with promising properties we typically then race over to the property to get a better look. If needed, we are set up to get an offer in on a property within an hour through online digital signatures system.

Most Important

6. Disclosure         Review

Disclosures: property disclosures can be complicated. Our office broker, together with our agent, will personally review ALL property disclosures with our buyers and explain the meaning of the disclosures. These days many agents simply send over electronic disclosures to quickly sign over the internet. At Muirlands Realty, we take the disclosure process VERY seriously and we carefully review and explain all disclosures with our buyers; we then decide how to best proceed.

Most Important

7. Property           Investigation

Property Investigations: we take the property investigation process VERY seriously and we meet with our buyers and investigators personally to look over the property. We become actively involved in the investigation process. We are highly trained residential property experts and we can point out multiple issues and considerations that our buyers may not be considering. Also, we have a stable of excellent local independent contractors that can assist in the investigations, if desired. La Jolla and the surrounding areas have unique characteristics that our buyers may not be aware and that we can advise upon. With Muirlands Realty, expect a (much) higher level of service during the property investigation period.

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